Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Three Different Types of Multi Photo Wallets That I Make

Custom Made Wallets:

Most mothers have at least one or two outfits that they loved dressing their baby in above all the rest. After a few short weeks, her baby grows out of this really, really cute outfit, and what do we mothers do? Because we can’t bear to part with them, we store these little treasures away. Sometimes, throughout the years, we stumble across them, while cleaning out closets and garages.  Usually, the clothes are rarely seen again. It’s kind of sad really – that these favored little outfits that we love so dearly are only used for such a short period of time.

I offer an adorable and practical alternative to storing this treasure. With my custom-made wallets you can keep that outfit with you at all times, and store your baby’s photos in that same wallet as your child grows up. You’ll probably even keep a photo of your baby wearing the same outfit you choose to have the wallet made from. It’s a wonderful way to keep your precious baby close you, even as they grow up.

Wallets Made From Upcycled Clothing:

When not making custom orders, I'll purchase baby clothing at a thrift store.
I make a lot of my wallets out of baby clothing. I like to use really cute outfits with the cute decals, flowers, butterflies, frogs and monkeys. (etc.)

Wallets Made From Fabric Purchased At A Fabric Store:

I simply go down to the fabric store, purchase 2 contrasting fabrics (1/4 yard each) and make it.

You can see the Wallets I sell at my Etsy Shop, Fromhere2daydreams.
All my wallets are made with diligence and love. I enjoy doing this so much, that I’ve managed to neglect my other crafting projects.
However, I do plan to finish up on my current wallet projects – and switch my focus to the Blooming Flower Sewing Boxes!

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