Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Clothing Inspirations Behind My Upcycled Wallets

Part 1

This blog will have to be in parts because I didn't take pictures of the clothes I used to make some of the wallets that I'm currently working on. To add to the problem; I haven't started making the wallets out of the clothing that I have taken pictures of.  Please do bear with me - you’ll see the before and after soon enough!

When coming up with an idea for one of my upcycled wallets, the first thing I do is get my hands on a really cute piece of clothing with small pockets, butterflies, frogs, monkeys or flowers on them.  Really, anything cute!

Here are a few examples: 

I could not resist this cute little children's onesies...I mean really - who doesn't love kisses?

I can't wait to see how this pretty, blue and glittered, butterfly print will turn out!

I'm going to make two wallets out of this adorable little sweater.

This is how a perfectly sized pocket fits on front of one of my wallets.

Come back soon to see the results!

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