Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Quick!

This next blog is Quoted from my Etsy Site!  I liked it a lot and wanted to put it here as my daily blog...hope you enjoy it!

"Creator's Words:

My Grandma Byrd loved to make things. She grew up during the Great Depression and she knew how important it was to make treasures out of scraps. She went yard selling every weekend to buy those scraps.

One of the things she picked up yard selling was some old baby dolls and Barbie Dolls. One day I complained to her that all the dolls were naked. She looked at me for a second; turned around and disappeared into her sewing room. She finally came back about 15 minutes later. In her hand she held an old, beat up, round tin with a Christmas design on it. She handed it to me and said, "Here, I hope to see some clothes on those dolls soon, young lady."

That was 30 some odd years ago, and I was all of seven-years-old. When I opened up the tin and discovered that my Grandma Byrd had put some needles, thread, some old stick pins, a thimble and some scraps of material inside, something inside me just lit up! It wasn't long, and with lots of guidance from Grandma Byrd, those dolls were fully clothed. Also, it wasn’t long that I replaced my sewing tin with my very own, handcrafted, sewing box.

As an adult of such wonderful childhood guidance, I believe that every child should have his/her very own sewing box. In the spirit of my Grandmother's influence, I've created this fun and practical child’s sewing box that anyone can appreciate. It is my sincere hope that this sewing box will bring the inspiration to your child that my first sewing box brought me."

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