Sunday, May 29, 2011

Faerie State-of-Mind

I like things that are practical, and beautiful.  I mean, really, why have sticks of lipstick when you can have your favorite shade of lip color carted around in a beautiful, sequined covered, lipstick case!?  It's these little embellishments that trigger little bits of joy throughout our day!  Right?

So, in that spirit, I was traipsing through Etsy's Showcases for today, with what I like to call a "Faerie State-of-Mind," and I came across, a very nice find!

Fiery Tree of Life, Leather Book, Journal, Diary, or Sketchbook

Fiery Tree of Life, Leather Book, Journal, Diary, or Sketchbook

The Creator’s Description:

"One of a kind, Handmade in Vermont by Lindsey Julow and Shaun Varney

A lot of time and care has gone into this book.

The closure button is made out of a real antler tip, and when opened reveals heavy weight parchment looking paper that is slightly textured. It's 65 lb paper so you can write, draw or perhaps even paint with almost anything you want. You'll have 72 pages to work with (144 sided). I can also send along a sample piece of paper to experiment on if you want to test before you use the books pages.

This book is a great size to take with you anywhere, and measures approximately 6" X 4 1/2" X 1"
Beautiful strong linen thread binds this book together.

I find every aberration in the leather unique and character building, transforming each book into even more of an individual one of a kind piece. "
I absolutely adore the cover color and the beautiful tree that is so carefully carved into the leather.  It looks like something right out of Lord of the Rings.  I can picture a beautiful elf sitting under an enchanted tree, sketching a unicorn in this journal!

Please do some traipsing of your own over to "IslandTrades's" shop and see all of the beautiful works she's done!

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