Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brag Book Video

New Blog Title Graphic! - Created by me! :)

This is going to be a short post.  I've recently decided it was necessary to create a better "Title" graphic for my blog.  What better graphic than me in my home workshop?  I've done a pretty good job recreating all the things I love most in my shop, including my blossoming sewing boxes and my brag books made from baby's clothing.  I've also included my faerie tree, which is really a hat rack that I hang my faeries from!  I've got my little toaster oven that I bake my polymer clay creations in.  Also, you’ll find the two tags I made recently: "Imagine" & "Believe."  These items will be my next listings on Etsy as soon as I figure out how to photograph them and catch their true adorableness! 

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Blossoming Sewing Boxes

I came up with this idea for a sewing box one day while digging through my old sewing box.  It’s always been a mess – and kind of boring.  One of the most important factors when I design something is that it should have a practical use. (My Faeries Excluded!!!)  The wallets I make – I actually use.  I love having my I.D. and Credit Cards so easily accessible - and I love that I have a place to put the tons of wallet size photos I get from my family.  I have two brothers and five sisters – so I have A LOT of family photos!
That in mind; this is also the way I was thinking when I came up with the Blossoming Sewing Box.  I wanted a sewing box that had compartments that I could put my sewing supplies in and access easily.  I also wanted my sewing box to be WIDE open…and not something that I have to dig through to find my thread and needles.  Finally, I wanted it to be a box I could proudly display anywhere in my house, and take on the go.  I also LOVE magnets, because I’ve never found a magnet I couldn’t put to good use.  Having magnets as part of my sewing box has made my crafting life a breeze and far from disorganized . I have lost so many stickpins and needles that I’m  sure  I’m responsible for creating a needle stack somewhere that should have a piece of hay in it.  With magnets on the sides of my sewing box – I just move my hand by the sewing box and the needle is pulled in and kept safe for me.  This sewing box is pure happiness for me, it looks like a flower and it holds its own weight in practicality.

My goal is to make two more of these for my Etsy shop and then to start custom making them for my shop customers.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Three Different Types of Multi Photo Wallets That I Make

Custom Made Wallets:

Most mothers have at least one or two outfits that they loved dressing their baby in above all the rest. After a few short weeks, her baby grows out of this really, really cute outfit, and what do we mothers do? Because we can’t bear to part with them, we store these little treasures away. Sometimes, throughout the years, we stumble across them, while cleaning out closets and garages.  Usually, the clothes are rarely seen again. It’s kind of sad really – that these favored little outfits that we love so dearly are only used for such a short period of time.

I offer an adorable and practical alternative to storing this treasure. With my custom-made wallets you can keep that outfit with you at all times, and store your baby’s photos in that same wallet as your child grows up. You’ll probably even keep a photo of your baby wearing the same outfit you choose to have the wallet made from. It’s a wonderful way to keep your precious baby close you, even as they grow up.

Wallets Made From Upcycled Clothing:

When not making custom orders, I'll purchase baby clothing at a thrift store.
I make a lot of my wallets out of baby clothing. I like to use really cute outfits with the cute decals, flowers, butterflies, frogs and monkeys. (etc.)

Wallets Made From Fabric Purchased At A Fabric Store:

I simply go down to the fabric store, purchase 2 contrasting fabrics (1/4 yard each) and make it.

You can see the Wallets I sell at my Etsy Shop, Fromhere2daydreams.
All my wallets are made with diligence and love. I enjoy doing this so much, that I’ve managed to neglect my other crafting projects.
However, I do plan to finish up on my current wallet projects – and switch my focus to the Blooming Flower Sewing Boxes!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Is My Official Warning: Too Young People, Too Young! (Comedy)

 (This Blog Post is meant to be funny (its a joke) and is by no means meant in earnest!  Please read with a light heart and be prepared to giggle!)

Have you seen the commercials that advertise children being taught to read at six months old?  This is my official warning:  Too young people, too young! 

Oh yeah…the commercial makes it look so cute when your baby is reading Snow White or Peter Rabbit, but have you considered the consequences of dinner with your in-laws?  There you all are bragging about your three-year-old child’s brilliant reading abilities, when he blurts out, “While doing a dookie in dad’s bathroom, I found a magazine called Playboy (which naturally made him think the book was inviting him to play,) and I came across the most interesting article..!”  (hehe)

That’s just one horrible example that a toddler's being able to read can bring about.  Have you not already witnessed the uncensored things your baby will say - based on what he's observed with his eyes alone? Come on, you know what I mean.  You’ve heard them call women fat, ugly and old right straight to their faces!  And many of us have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing that sweet littlie baby who demands his mother's ninny in public, all the while grabbing at her blouse trying to get IT out!  Oh, the horror doesn't stop there, and you know it!  How many times has your baby embarrassed you by telling your secrets to his preschool teachers, while all the other mothers are gathered around to hear all the juicy details?  These little beings have no control over what comes out of their illiterate mouths now, and some company thinks it’s a smart idea to teach them to READ?  Imagine the humility you will have to suffer, as your reading toddler uses their new ability to articulate your secrets in a more intelligent and creative manner.

What’s next, writing and using the computer!?  Uh oh, be very careful when upsetting this toddler!  He asks you for a toy; you say, “No!”  The next thing you know he’s "borrowing" your credit card, ordering his toy off of Ebay and having it delivered to his bedroom.  The scary possibilities are limitless.  I’m afraid that if a child can read to soon, he’ll start behaving like a teenager at age six. First he’ll be sneaking money out of your purse to buy a juice box at the corner store.  Soon after, he’ll figure out how imperfect we parents are; then he’ll start questing all our rules.  It wont be long after that that he’s sneaking cigarettes and a lighter from his mom’s purse; making comments like, “Who the heck does my mom think she is, telling me not to smoke, when she smokes?” to his, confused, illiterate, best friend.  The horror! Will he start forging his parent’s signature to go on field trips, and filling out credit card applications for a little extra spending money?

Long story short, there’s a reason why the powerful like to keep the weak ignorant!  It’s called control people – and reading is power!  You give too much of that to your child and the result can be disastrous!  Parents...do not let your toddlers learn to read; maintain control as long as you can! 

Mardi Maston

Saturday, June 4, 2011

One Adorable Wallet Finished

Here is the before and after results of the little leopard print sweater I posted the other day.  I've listed it on my Etsy Shop, Fromhere2Daydrams, today

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Clothing Inspirations Behind My Upcycled Wallets

Part 1

This blog will have to be in parts because I didn't take pictures of the clothes I used to make some of the wallets that I'm currently working on. To add to the problem; I haven't started making the wallets out of the clothing that I have taken pictures of.  Please do bear with me - you’ll see the before and after soon enough!

When coming up with an idea for one of my upcycled wallets, the first thing I do is get my hands on a really cute piece of clothing with small pockets, butterflies, frogs, monkeys or flowers on them.  Really, anything cute!

Here are a few examples: 

I could not resist this cute little children's onesies...I mean really - who doesn't love kisses?

I can't wait to see how this pretty, blue and glittered, butterfly print will turn out!

I'm going to make two wallets out of this adorable little sweater.

This is how a perfectly sized pocket fits on front of one of my wallets.

Come back soon to see the results!